RHS Tatton Park 2021 - Full Circle

RHS Tatton Park 2021 - Full Circle

Full Circle focused on our relationship with water and ways we can work with it to find  sustainable solutions. This was a rain garden, with features that could be achieved in almost any garden to reduce water runoff.  

Water was collected via a mini living roof, diverted through rain chains, channels and water features into a pond and used plants that can cope with extremities of very wet or dry conditions. As the water ends its journey through the garden, the planting scheme changed to those that can better tolerate wet and damp soil.   

Petrus service users and volunteers wanted the journey through the planting to represent an exploration of ideas, using contrasting foliage, flowers, shapes and colours with circular features to reflect how we have come full circle. This gave the garden an energetic, stimulating atmosphere where individuals can reflect, recharge and at the end of that journey, experience a space to feel moved by nature and motivated into action.  

Full Circle received a bronze award from show judges and the People’s Choice Award for the second year. 

Our 2021 garden was sponsored by M&Y Maintenance and Construction, Regenda Homes and Rotary Rochdale.