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Your organisation can help to make a big difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

By supporting Petrus, you can make a real social impact. Fundraising is a great way to meet your social responsibility objectives, while raising moral and motivating your staff at the same time.

Click below to find out some of the ways you can work with us or support our mission to end homelessness and create safe places where all people can flourish.

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Partner with us

Corporate Partnerships

We’d love to partner with companies looking to make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people affected by homelessness.

Our aim is that all of our partnerships are rewarding, mutually beneficial and fun, while sharing a mutual aim of working to support people who often feel they have no place to belong.

Each corporate partnership is unique, and there is no one size fits all approach to working together. We are here to make sure that our partnership is the one that is right for you.

Choose us for your Charity of the Year

Pick Petrus as your 'Charity of the Year'

By choosing Petrus as your company’s Charity of the Year, you are enabling your workforce, customers, and partners to become actively involved in our work and mission to end homelessness.

It’s an opportunity to engage with your employees, forming new and exciting ways to give back to your community through sharing fundraising ideas and volunteering together all while developing your teamwork abilities, bringing them closer to our cause and helping them to understand the complexity of homelessness and the role they can play.

Fundraising is a great way to meet your social responsibility objectives, while raising moral and motivating your staff at the same time.

So next time you are considering your Charity of the Year partnership, please think of us.

Become a strategic partner: Share your skills or help fund our projects

Help us achieve our mission of ending homelessness through strategic partnerships

This is an opportunity for your organisation to walk alongside us in our mission to end homelessness and create safe spaces where all people can flourish.

Focussing on a specific issue, your company could help us to meet our strategic objectives and priorities through funding particular projects, leading to huge impact and outcomes that will help to transform our ability and services.

Strategic partnerships also create opportunity for you to utilise your skills and share knowledge to support our cause and develop our services.

Get your customers involved through cause-related marketing

Mutual benefits of cause-related marketing

Would you like your customers to know about your chosen charity, and the impact and support your business is offering? Then why not also engage them in your mission!

Cause-related marketing is a clever and easy way to allow your customers to support your efforts alongside purchasing your products.

For example, simply adding £1 onto the bill at the end of their meal or 5% at the end of the invoice as a donation to Petrus and sharing the details of our cause and what their donation could mean for homeless people living on our streets could make a difference. 

Get in touch to find out more

Sponsoring our cause can benefit your business

Sponsorship Opportunities

Charitable events are not only an opportunity for us to raise vital funds for our work but are fantastic ways to connect with our communities to raise awareness about the support we can provide and the issues faced by vulnerable people.

However, all events come at a cost to our charity and with that carries an element of risk for us.

But if you and your business could help sponsor our events, it would not only alleviate those pressures but create an opportunity for your business to make a social impact and benefit from the positives of showing support of a cause.

Is your company interested in donating money or goods to us?

Donate now!

Thank you so much for your interest in wanting to support Petrus. Just £1 can help us to provide a warm meal to someone sleeping rough on the streets.

There are a number of ways to donate to our charity:​​​​​​

Send a cheque

If your company would like to send us a donation via cheque, please make it payable to Petrus Community and post it to our Head Office.

Our address is 73 Great George Street, Rochdale, OL16 1QG

Make a bank transfer

If you organisation wants to donate via bank transfer, please contact our Fundraising Manager by emailing and we will provide the details as soon as possible.

Online donations

Setup a regular Direct Debit or make a one-off donation via our Enthuse donation page

Donating goods

Petrus is always in need of donations to support people who use the Hub services or live in our schemes. Whether it is food, clothing, furniture or toiletries, any donation is greatly appreciated.

Donations for our community garden PIER are also always welcome. For example, we've previously received a bench from RiverWood Ltd and flowers from Morrisons for our volunteers to plant.

Please contact to arrange drop off of your generous donation.

Our supporters

Our supporters

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported Petrus. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

Whether you’re an individual, community group or an organisation, your support for our charity is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Below is a list of some of the companies (alongside their customers and staff) who have supported Petrus. Maybe you'll see your organisation's name here soon!

Get in touch about corporate support and partnership opportunities!
Get in touch about corporate support and partnership opportunities!

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