Petrus' History


  1. [pet] 1972 pt1

    Welcome to Rochdale
  2. [pet] 1972 pt2

    Rochdale Social Services asked Liverpool Petrus Community to provide staff to care for 20 men who were made homeless after a private lodging house in Rochdale closed. This was the start of Petrus Community.

    Accommodation was initially provided in a church hall and then in several temporary premises until newbuild accommodation was built seven years later.

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  1. [pet]1979 pt2

    Rochdale Council provided newbuild accommodation

  2. [pet] 1979 pt1

    Rochdale Council logo

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  1. [pet] 1980 pt1

    Petrus Community was established as a separate charity from the Liverpool Petrus Community branch.

  2. [pet]1980 pt2

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  1. [pet] 1980s pt1

    Petrus developed a number of new accommodation services including group homes. A day centre was opened for male and female homeless people.

  2. [pet] 1980s pt2

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  1. [pet]1990s pt1

      Working at Petrus 

  2. [pet]1990s pt2

    Petrus continued to grow and develop its services to meet the growing demand, including opening Ruth House in 1991: Petrus’ first residential accommodation for women.

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  1. [pet] 2000 pt1

    Petrus opened Long Street in Middleton, its first accommodation scheme outside of Rochdale

  2. [pet] 2000 pt2

    Welcome mat
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  1. [pet] 2002 pt1

  2. [pet] 2002 pt2

    Alongside the Supporting People programme from central government, Petrus developed and expanded its services.

    The Floating Support Team was established.

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  1. [pet] 2008 pt1

    The rough sleeper service began.

  2. 2008

    Man's folded hands

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  1. [pet] 2010 pt1

    Due to huge reductions in funding, Petrus has diversified and reconfigured its services and the way in which it is funded.

  2. [pet] 2010 pt2

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  1. [pet] 2011 pt1

  2. [pet] 2011 pt2

    Beswicke Royd Street scheme opened, which replaced Petrus’ first house on River Street.

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  1. [pet] 2013 pt2

    Petrus opens its first scheme in Oldham.

  2. [pet] 2013 pt2

    Petrus People Community Store opened in December to help generate income to support the work the charity does, provide volunteering opportunities for service users, and provide a service to local low-income families.

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  1. [pet] 2015 pt1

    Petrus’ Green Gym renames itself to become Petrus Incredible Edible Rochdale

  2. [pet] 2015 pt2

    PIER Allotment

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  1. [pet] 2016 pt1

  2. [pet] 2016 pt2

    Petrus joined The Regenda Group.

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  1. [pet] 2017 pt1

    M&Y Maintenance and Construction help to refurbish the Hub.

  2. [pet] 2017 pt2

    Petrus is awarded Investors in People (IiP) Gold standard.

    Petrus Hub bathroom

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  1. [pet] 2018 pt1

    Petrus gets its new branding

    PIER is recognised for its work by wining three Thriving Awards at the regional North West in Bloom awards, and was recognised for its work by the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS).

  2. [pet] 2018 pt2

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  1. [pet] 2019 pt1

  2. [pet] 2019 pt2

    Petrus joins Real Change Rochdale

    Petrus becomes a part of Greater Manchester’s Housing First strategy.

  3. [pet] 2019 pt2

    PIER has a double back-to-back garden at this years' RHS Tatton Park Flower Show called Petrus' Paradise

  4. [pet] 2019 pt3

    PIER staff and volunteers
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  1. [pet] 2020

    Within the first nine weeks of the national lockdown (March-April 2020), our team made over 2,500 meals for people experiencing homelessness.

  2. [pet] 2022 pt1

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  1. [pet] 2022

    Petrus will turn 50 years old! Petrus and Regenda has hugely ambitious plans for the next few years to help to continue providing outstanding services.

  2. [pet] 2022 pt1

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