RHS Tatton Park 2019 - Petrus Paradise

Petrus Paradise was our first garden exhibition at RHS Tatton Park. The garden represented a service user’s journey with Petrus. From entering the garden, they are on their way to recovery; the pathways are relaxing, the scents and sites entice them further, and at the end they will find a shelter that offers safety and a chance to reflect on how far they have come.  

Service users created their ideal space, offering a sense of safety, respite, sanctuary, peace and relaxation.   

Service users chose a Persian theme for the garden and included key features such as water, mosaics, symmetry, geometrics and a sheltered area. The planting scheme used purple and white hues associated with relaxation and plants included those with culinary and medicinal benefits.  

We wanted visitors to feel inspired by the work we all do at Petrus and what we all achieve. From sleeping rough and struggling with multiple or complex needs to designing and showcasing a garden at Tatton Park, anything is possible if you have the correct support in place from the community.  

Petrus Paradise received a silver award from the show judges and the People’s Choice Award. 

Our 2019 was sponsored by M&Y Maintenance and Construction, Rotary Club of Rochdale and The Guinness Partnership.