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Housing First - Abbie

Abbie* was being supported by Housing First, living in her own property and working full time. However, following a relationship breakdown, Abbie* returned to substance misuse and stopped taking her medication. She would sleep rough and stopped engaging with Housing First services. Our Housing Team were concerned for Abbie’s welfare, and contacted police to help find her. 


When we located Abbie, she told us that she had lost her job due to her addiction and wasn’t sure if we would be able to help her. 


We gave Abbie a phone that allowed her to keep in touch with us, and made a referral to partner agency, Turning Point, to arrange for Abbie to access her prescriptions. We invited Abbie to the Hub for Christmas dinner and it was here that Abbie decided to reengage with Housing First Services. 


Abbie has been regularly taking her medication and is has not misused substances for over 8 months. Her physical and mental health have massively improved and she has taken part in a number of social prescribing activities at Petrus, all supporting her in her recovery. She is also undertaking volunteering roles to help those currently experiencing homelessness. 


Our Housing First Team will continue to work with Abbie now and into the future for as long as she needs us. 


*Names and some details have been changed to protect identity

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