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Without Petrus’ help, I wouldn’t be alive today

In December 2021, BBC Radio Manchester were on a mission to raise their listeners’ awareness about the issue of homelessness. We welcomed reporter Richard Stead to our Hub in Rochdale to find out more about the work we do and how we support people in our communities.

Richard caught up with Blake, who we have recently supported to move into his own home.

Hear from Blake on his experience of homelessness and accessing our support:

“I was homeless, I was in a tent, I was living anywhere I could basically to keep dry and warm. Couldn’t move in the morning I were that cold and you can’t move until you have friends who are homeless as well to come and make sure you’re alright and safe every morning and come to breakfast, to Petrus every morning for breakfast so we can get warm and something to eat.”

On sleeping rough in a tent during the cold, harsh winter months, Blake said:“I’m surprised I’m still alive.”

Discussing the support he receives from Petrus, Blake added: “They’ve just given me my own flat now, I’ve been through and they’ve helped me, and helped me, and helped me to see if I were capable to live on me own and yeah they’ve given me my own flat now.”

Seeing “the sparkle in Blake’s eyes” and smile on his face as he shared his amazing outcome of moving into his own home, BBC reporter Richard asked Blake how much of that emotion is “due to Petrus” in which we were moved to hear his reply!

“All of it, all of it! If it weren’t for them, I’ll tell you now, I wouldn’t be here no more.”

Our team are just a phone call away if you’re looking for homelessness or housing support for you or someone you know. Please phone us on 01706 526289 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm) or email petrus@petrus.org.uk

To support us to deliver this service, donate to petruscommunity.enthuse.com

Thank you to BBC Radio Manchester for providing a platform for our service users' voices to be heard further, working to spread awareness and encouraging people across our region to get involved in helping others.

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