The Petrus Community has been providing supported housing and related services to homeless people since 1972.

Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision is of local communities where people in housing need live in secure accommodation, free from stigmatisation and prejudice. People in housing need will be active members of those communities and valued for what they bring to them. Support services will enable people in housing need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, achieve their aspirations, and move closer to economic independence.

It is our purpose to provide the most appropriate accommodation solutions for people in housing need and back that up with support and opportunities that really make a difference to people's health, wellbeing and independence.

Petrus Values

Petrus is a values driven organisation. These are the values that are critical to the way we work:

  • People should be empowered to take control of their lives
  • People should be supported to make a difference in the communities where they live
  • People should be treated with respect
  • People should be treated as individuals and Petrus will always go the extra mile to help meet their needs
  • Everybody has the right to live in a safe place
  • People's health and wellbeing is at the centre of what Petrus does
  • Petrus aims embrace and contribute to the different communities in which we are based
  • Petrus services should be a resource for the community
  • Petrus is always ready to work with different groups and agencies
  • Petrus is always willing to innovate and try new ways of working
  • Petrus is open and responsive, striving to make all our services the best they can be
  • Petrus wants to help people to help each other


Petrus has developed four main aims to provide a framework for our strategic development over the next three years and on the basis of this framework we will develop a detailed plan of our work for the period 2014/15. These aims are:

  1. To sustain and develop the range of accommodation options appropriate to the needs of people in housing need
  2. To develop individuals' ability to make informed choices about their own lives and increase their sense of independence
  3. To promote positive perceptions of homeless people and support them to speak for themselves
  4. To engage effectively with and make a difference to local communities
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