The Petrus Community has been providing supported housing and related services to homeless people since 1972.

Petrus Hub

The main focus of Petrus Hub (formerly the Day centre) is to provide a drop-in support service to vulnerable people experiencing homelessness and people who are at risk of homelessness and marginalisation. We support each individual with the opportunity to fulfil their potential and move forward towards an independent and positive future.

Established in 1985, Petrus Hub works with a number of people. We provide individuals with both formal and informal support and advice. We recognise that practical needs must be met and we provide support in terms of breakfast each morning from 9am to 10am, shower facilities, laundry facility and a clothes store for rough sleepers. The assistant project leader and team give formal advice and support to assist people who have issues with their benefits, need housing advice or are looking for accommodation. We recognise the hollistic needs of our servce users and there is a daily structured programme of activies.

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