Hidden Homelessness

Homelessness is a big discussion point at the moment with housing prices well beyond the pocket of many and changes in the benefits system which mean families are having to give up homes for one reason or another. The idea of 'homelesness' often conjures up images of people on the street, bearded and drunk or under the influence of drugs. Such people are a part of the homelessness problem. Another, larger, group are those who live in fear and at risk of homelesness or are being looked after by a local authority because they are deemed to have a statutory entitlement to support, having lost their accommodation.

This article is one of the best accounts I've read of what it can be like to lose your house and then be accommodated in a hostel. It gives a clear and moving account of what it's like at the sharp end in a hostel and I recommend it to anyone who wants a clearer idea of what homelesness is like.

Phil Foster, Deputy Coordinator
Petrus News   Jan 2015

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