Good News at the Day Centre

Steve has been coming into the day centre for many months getting help and support off staff in completing job application forms as English is not his first language. Staff supported him in completing over ten job application forms. Steve kept on trying with help and support from the Day Centre staff. He managed to stay positive and enthusiastic in the hope of finding a job. Whist he was looking for a job he got involved in day centre activities which give him skills of budgeting/cooking/health and safety and most recently workshops around literacy.

On the 30th June Steve told staff that he'd found full time employment with a local company. Steve thanked staff for giving him the support that he needed in completing applications and helping him build his social skills through engaging day centre activities. On behalf of all the day centre staff I'd like to congratulate Steve on his hard work and determination in finding employment, and wish him all the luck for the future.

Jonathan Wilmot
Project Leader
Day Centre / Outreach

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