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Nigel was a regular visitor to Petrus Day Centre accessing various group activities and support until a change of events brought him problems. Living on his own, Nigel became a target for local youths where he lived. This caused a severe breakdown in his mental health. As a result he was taken in to hospital. He then lost his tenancy.

With the help of the Day Centre, Outreach and Petrus Floating Support staff Nigel was visited regularly in hospital to offer him different forms of support.

From hospital, Petrus staff helped Nigel looking for more suitable accommodation to move into on his release from hospital. Staff also supported him in liaising with different agencies about his housing and mental health problems.

With the support of Petrus staff, Nigel managed to get a property that he could move into on his release from hospital. Nigel also received support in getting furniture so he did not have to move into an empty property. They also supported him in finding suitable homes for all of his animals as he had been anxious about their wellbeing while he was in hospital.

Nigel is very happy in his new accommodation and will regularly receive support from Petrus' Floating Support service. This has been a long journey for Nigel and he is very grateful for all the help and support that he has received from Petrus, and the help that he will continue to receive.

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