Falinge Road service users getting out and about

Ruth, who's been at Falinge Road for seven months has said, 'Since coming to Petrus, due to the support from the staff, I've had help around my drug use. I'm now using less frequently. I've also had help with budgeting. I no longer spend all my money on drugs. With staff support I've got in contact with Green Volunteers in Rochdale which has given me a sense of putting something abck into the community.

Another resident from Falinge has said,'Since living at Falinge Road, I've started attending the Cook and Eat group at the Day Centre. It has helped me to develop my cooking skills and gives me a chance to meet new people. Staff at Falinge Road have also helped me with a lot of things such as getting ready to go out, managing my money, managing appointments and managing alcohol cravings through the relevant services.

One resident of Falinge Road has said,'Staff are very kind. I've done well whilst being at Petrus.'

Petrus NewsService User News   Apr 2009

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