The Petrus Green recently paid a visit to Incredible Edible Todmorden where we met with the founding members Pam Warhurst and Mary Clear. We heard about their experiences and the amazing work they have been doing in the Todmorden area and how they are now branching out to other areas by working with other projects such as Offshoots Permaculture in Burnley.

Learning and development manager Aine Douglas led a tour of the new Incredible Farm facility which will be a fantastic resource and learning centre for the local area. The farm uses a combination of hydroponics whereby plants are grown without soil in water by adding the correct nutrient levels for their needs and also aquaponics which employs a similar method but involves live fish fertilising the plants through the water. It was inspiring to see such an under used yet effective technology in action.

We had a great time and are looking forward to a further trip in summer where we will visit the many other Incredible Edible projects in the centre.

We are pleased to be able to report that Incredible Edible are keen to work with Petrus in the future and we will be pursuing this exciting opportunity.

Picture: Petrus Community and Incredible Edible Staff and Volunteers

Denis Skelton - Coordinator

Petrus News   Jan 2014

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