BHealthy Launch Day

BHealthy Launch Day

On Wednesday 16th May the Petrus Community launched our BHealthy project. BHealthy’s aim is to support individuals to engage with health services and for their health and quality of life to improve.

The event, held at Petrus Hub, was attended by around forty people. Those attendees were Petrus service users, the new BHealthy volunteers and some Petrus staff. We utilized health awareness resources from the Croft Shifa health unit. This involved a range of learning aids and tools, games and leaflets aimed at engaging as many people in health issues.

The interactive body map and beer goggles proved to be two of the most popular learning tools that people used. The map allows you to connect feelings and issues with phrases we use relating to our bodies, such as ‘ broken hearted’ or ‘knot in my stomach’. There was much discussion and sharing about physical and mental health issues which came from this exercise. When the beer goggles are put on over your eyes they replicate how your sense of balance is affected when you are drunk.

Other aspects of the event that were popular included the cycle of change poster and information boards on men and women’s health issues such as depression, stress and cancer.

This was the first such BHealthy event and we will be holding group sessions in the future which will be focussed on health areas that service users want to look into and talk about. The relaxed atmosphere allowed BHealthy volunteers to engage with service users. A number of people decided that the service would be helpful and useful to them and they took part in completing minimal paperwork in order to get the ball rolling on improving their health. The BHealthy morning clearly acted as a catalyst for some individuals.

In the next few weeks BHealthy volunteers will work with these new service users to identify and assess their primary health needs and signpost them to the relevant services within the borough. Volunteers will then support service users in arranging and attending appointments and making positive changes to their health.

If you think BHealthy may be useful to you in improving your health or you are interested in becoming a BHealthy volunteer then please see details on this website or call Chris Woodward on (01706) 351657.

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