Green Gym Helps Community to Blossom

Green Gym Helps Community to Blossom

The Petrus Community, which supports local homeless people, has secured a one-off grant of nearly £1,500 to develop a gardening project at their Beswicke Royds Street supported housing scheme.

The funding was awarded by the Rochdale Township Committee and The Regenda Group to create a 'Green Gym' which will include a greenhouse, horticultural training for the service users and gardening equipment.

Local Councillor Karen Burke, who along with Councillor Daalat Ali supported the Township bid, said "Fourteen residents at the project are working with Rikki Holroyd, the caretaker at the scheme, to produce hanging baskets and other plants, some of which will be given to local elderly and disabled residents on the estate."

Petrus will also help tidy up their gardens and future plans include growing vegetables and fruit.

The project has been designed to improve the health and well-being of the service users by encouraging them to work with the local community, whilst at the same time improving the environment in which they live. Overgrown gardens will be cleared to discourage fly-tipping and vandalism and birds and butterflies will be encouraged into the gardens with improved planting.

Andy Carberry, Head of Independent Living at Regenda, said: "We are incredibly proud of the partnership we have developed with Petrus over a number of years, and are delighted to have the opportunity to help fund this project."

"We hope the equipment will go some way to offering the residents at the scheme the right tools to improve their gardening skills, whilst also helping other vulnerable people."

Donna Bowler, Head of the Council's Strategic Housing Service, said: "I am delighted with Petrus' initiative, which will not only help improve the local environment but also support better community links in the area."

Denis Skelton - Petrus Coordinator

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