Petrus and Rochdale Probation Service - Women's Intervention Project re-launch

The re-launch of the Women's Intervention Project event on Monday 7 November was attended by over 65 people from various different agencies from around the borough. There was an awards ceremony for all the women who had completed various workshops who were presented with a certificate of recognition for their hard work. The presentation by Emily Lamb (Magistrate and Board Member of the Greater Manchester probation service).

The Women's Intervention Project is a partnership between Petrus and the Probation Service. It is an environment that provides a realistic and robust alternative to custody. The group is also open to women in the community so that it offers a holistic approach to rehabilitation. There is provision for structured group work which looks at various empowering topics, such as health and wellbeing, financial management, first aid, harm minimisation, substance misuse and mental health. There is a big emphasis in the group on peer support. It is also a forum that has taken a multi-agency approach in providing workshops with the women. Some of these have been cancer awareness, smoking cessation, healthy eating, dental hygiene and domestic violence. The probation service has also incorporated their health trainers to do on going work with the women which has proved to be a real success within the group.

Petrus is very happy to have such a successful partnership with the Probation Service and we are really starting to see positive results for the women and the local community. I would like to thank the women and the staff for all the hard work that makes this exciting partnership a real success.

Jonathan Wilmot - Petrus Hub Project Leader - 08 November 2011

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