Farewell, Denis!

Farewell, Denis!

Petrus co-ordinator, Denis Skelton, is due to bid us farewell as he embarks on his next adventure.

Denis Skelton joined Petrus in 1977 as a worker, in the only project Petrus had at that time. Receiving minimal pay, or on a voluntary basis, workers would live with residents in the community, offering help and support.

As Petrus grew, it needed more project leaders to support the various aspects of the charity. In 1980, Denis became a project leader, going on to oversee a team of thirteen by the end of the decade. In 1992, as the charity went from strength to strength, Denis was chosen to head up the Residential Staff team, helping to provide vital services to those who needed it.

By 1996, Denis had rose to become Petrus' only Co-ordinator, a role he still performs to this day. As the charity continued to grow into the 2000s, he provided great knowledge and support to an ever-expanding team.

Since joining Petrus, Denis has dealt with; the personal issues of service users and staff, budgets, the never-ending stream of emails and phone calls, and the unpredictable twists and turns of a busy day for a charity doing wonderful things.

Outside of Petrus, Denis still finds time to be a councillor in Todmorden and Co-chair of Rochdale Borough's homelessness forum.

So after over 40 years' service for Petrus, Denis leaves to pursue some new adventures and whilst Petrus and The Regenda Group will be a poorer place without him, we wish him the very best for the future.

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