Petrus says a big thanks to its volunteers

Petrus says a big thanks to its volunteers

Volunteers at Petrus Community have received a big thank you for their contributions during a celebration event on Friday 1 June.

Petrus invited all its volunteers to an event at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Rochdale, where each individual received a certificate and recognition for their hard work and dedication from Petrus staff.

Petrus has over 80 volunteers who work across its services, including the Community Store, the Hub, and PIER. over half of the volunteers have been doing so for over two years, and when asked, every volunteer said they felt welcomes and valued, and would recommend volunteering at Petrus to anyone.

Denis Skelton, Coordinator at Petrus said: "Volunteers are an integrate part of what we do at Petrus. Their commitment and hard work provides us with over 400 hours per week. We would struggle to do what we do without them and we are forever grateful. Thank you!"

Petrus will be celebrating Volunteer's Week this week by featuring videos and stories from some of its volunteers on its Facebook and Twitter pages. Here is a video of some of the volunteers explaining why they volunteer and what they enjoy about it –

If you are interested in volunteering Petrus or supporting them, please call 01706 345844 or visit


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