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"Life's too short to be miserable"

Dermot a volunteer at PIER

Meet Dermot, one of the volunteers at PIER who is going to be at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

Dermot, like many other volunteers and service users at Petrus, has experienced trauma in his life. After losing his Dad and being made redundant from his job after 19 years, Dermot became a Petrus service user and was encouraged to volunteer at PIER.

Dermot said: “Since the first day I walked in here, I’ve never looked back. The staff are great and the support, not just for me but for other people.

“Any time is the best time [to come to Petrus], no matter what”.

Dermot lost his Mum a few weeks ago, but finds volunteering helps him get through his grief. He said: “It gives me a purpose in life. It gives me something to do instead of sitting around. It gives me a good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

“My family are happy that I’m doing something instead of being in the pub all day long… It’s a great place to come”.

Despite his struggles, Dermot remains optimistic and has a good sense of humour… “Life’s too short to be miserable”.

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