The Petrus Community has been providing supported housing and related services to homeless people since 1972.

How we work

We support a multi-agency approach where we refer on to a range of accommodation resources available to Step Up - Petrus' own accommodation; Bond Board - private tenancies; or other relevant agencies.

We offer support through direct access at Petrus Hub or through an outreach approach directly on the street or in a person's accommodation.

We carry out a full assessment on the person and assist them in resolving their presenting issue or sign posting to the relevant agency.

We offer practical support in terms of washing and drying facilities, crisis support, and emergency provision of clothes and emergency food provisions. We provide one to one support, advocacy, and support to people who have issues with benefits, disability allowance, fines, grants or loans, utilities payment, rent arrears, personal debt or legal problems. We also provide advice and guidance on issues with physical or with mental health issues. We also offer advice and guidance on alcohol substance misuse.

When a referral is made for accommodation, we ensure that service user's accommodation needs are met. We have access to emergency three night or long-term lodgings accommodation. We also ensure that for supported accommodation we place people in psychologically informed environments that are person centred for entrenched Rough sleepers as per the Department of Communities and Local Government guidelines. While in accommodation, we develop Induction or trainer packs with the service users. We also develop personalised budgets.

We have established a system to prevent failing tenancies with the potential loss of accommodation by developing programmes of structured activities to address tenancy maintenance issues. We work holistically with the person through a range of structured activities based at the Hub (formally Petrus Day centre).

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