The Petrus Community has been providing supported housing and related services to homeless people since 1972.


All referrals and queries should be made directly to the relevant project except for Beswicke Royds Street, Falinge Road and Ruth House for which referral is made by way of the Mental Health Allocation Panel on 01706 654583.

Application, assessment and allocation

Referrals may be made by any statutory or voluntary agency, or individual, who has contact with these client groups and people may self-refer. An interview will usually be conducted by a Project Leader and usually at least one Assistant Project Leader. The interview recording form goes into more detail asking the person to expand on previous housing, be more specific about their mental health, drug and or alcohol usage, benefits, medication, debts, interests and their expectations of high supported accommodation. There is always an opportunity for people to ask us questions at the end of the interview.

The referring agency should, wherever possible, arrange for a staff member to attend the interview with the referee and provide any information that will assist us with our risk assessment before the interview; for example any risk assessments completed by the Probation Service. This will not necessarily hinder acceptance to the project and will be treated in the strictest confidence. All appropriate questions can be found on the referral details forms.

These are the forms and information you need if you want to apply to us for accommodation or support in your tenancy:

If you have any problems understanding how to get into Petrus or need help with the forms, please phone our main office at Craig Lee House (01706 345844).

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