The Petrus Community has been providing supported housing and related services to homeless people since 1972.

Falinge Road

Project Aims

To provide accommodation to Women aged 18 and upwards for up to 12 months high support.

To support the mental health needs and or drug/alcohol misuse issues.

To develop independence, encourage self esteem and confidence and encourage appropriate relationship building.

To encourage active participation in the community.


Each service user has individual support plans and key work sessions tailored to their needs to enable them to reach their goals and aspirations.

As part of their support, service users are offered weekly house meeting which enables them to be included in the day to day running and decisions in and around the project.

Service users are encouraged to attend joint planning about the bigger picture of Petrus and the opportunity to meet other service users within Petrus projects.

Residents organise events/outings away from their projects.

The accommodation comprises of 10 bedrooms and communal facilities.

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