The Petrus Community has been providing supported housing and related services to homeless people since 1972.

Brief History of Petrus Community

The Petrus Community started in December 1972 when Rochdale County Borough Social Services Committee asked Liverpool Petrus Community to provide workers to care for twenty men rendered homeless when a lodging house in Rochdale town centre closed. A local sub-committee was formed to oversee the project.

Initially providing accommodation in a church hall on Mitchell Street, Rochdale and then in a number of temporary premises until newbuild accommodation was provided by Rochdale Council in 1979.

From 1972 the Rochdale Petrus Community was a branch of Liverpool Petrus Community until in 1979 it was established as a separate charity.

During the 1980's Petrus developed a number of new accommodation services including group homes, Greave House and a day centre for homeless people. To help meet identified demand and gaps in provision Petrus continued to develop service during the 1990s and early 2000's in partnership with a range of agencies including Rochdale Council, Housing Associations, the Probation Service and others.

The 2000's saw Petrus focusing on consolidating and improving the quality of services provided, particularly the development and expansion of services that resulted from the implementation of the Supporting People programme from central government, which was administered via the local authority. This saw considerable development of services through the implmentation of the standards in the Quality Assurance Framework.

From 2010 huge reductions in funding from the Supporting People programme have meant that Petrus has sought to diversify and reconfigure its services and the way in which they are funded.

In spite of these financial challenges, Petrus has worked to consolidate its projects into three groups:

Further information about the services can be downloaded here:

Rochdale Council, by way of Strategic Homelessness and Adult Care, remains a major stakeholder in Petrus' work, particularly in relation to Petrus Housing and Petrus Hub. Since 2012, Petrus has significantly increased the number of volunteers involved in its work as a result of funding from The Department of Communities and Logal Governments Homeless Transition Fund, the Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund, and the Haywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group.

Petrus has been working since 2012 with Manchester University in creating a pathway to employment for service user and volunteers. Perhaps the most momentous shift for Petrus was in November 2013, when Petrus People

, a community enterprise which operates as Petrus' trading arm was established to raise funds to help support the work of the charity.

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